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Marty and Debi Kermeen Labyrinth Builders, for over twenty years, possess the insight, skill, and meticulous standards needed to create an actual work of art from the heart.


They are educators, presenters, facilitators, and founding members of The Labyrinth Society. Their labyrinth company is uniquely qualified to build your labyrinth. They strive to honor the legacy of the original masters by making prestigious handcrafted labyrinths that will maintain their beauty for generations to come. 


Being recognized as master brick pavers for more than a decade led to their first labyrinth project in 1998.


This unique couple creates these beautiful labyrinths by hand, using impeccable design sense, years of building expertise, and a soul connection to labyrinths as well as the land they rest on.  

Their art commissions include:


The New Walter Reed Hospital, Folk Art Museum in Santa Fe. GNP Insurance Mexico City, Botanical Gardens Laguna Nigel, CA.  St. Pauls’ Cathedral, The Crossings Bed and Breakfast Grass Lands National Park Val Marie Canada. Historic Barns Park, Traverse City, MI. The Pritzker Estate. Intermezzo Gardens, coming in 2022 Unity Village Head-Quarters.  




Debi Kermeen is a Modern Day Medicine Woman and a Yogi. She is a ceremonialist who weaves sound healing, energy medicine, and movement, including yoga, drumming, labyrinths, nature walks, and forest bathing, into her healing modalities. She is a direct source for channeling Reiki, Quantum Touch®, and Jin Shin Jitsu healing. A retreat leader and facilitator, Debi leads many different types of retreats and pilgrimages.  


She feels incredibly grateful to travel the world, learning, creating, and teaching about labyrinths with her partner Marty. She works with the spirit of the land and the five elements to promote healing for mother earth. Giving thanks to the land and all who dwell there to facilitate much-needed balance and healing to all. 


Debi says that she is continually expanding her awareness, healing traumas within herself, and finding ways to tune into her passion and sacred purpose along this journey.  


Time spent with her two daughters and her grandchildren is precious and treasured. She finds nature is her best medicine. 


“We live in a world that is dominated on the one hand by religion and the other by rationality and science. Neither of these mainstream paradigms acknowledges the magic, mystery, intuitive nature, healing power, and veneration for the Earth and humanity that is innate to the medicine woman”. Diana Beaulieu, Sacred Woman Awakening.  

ABOUT ARTIST Marty  Kermeen


As a stone sculptor, I specialize in the creation and installation of complex designs, including labyrinths. My mission is to create superior works of art in a variety of paving and landscape materials that withstand the tests of time. It is my belief that hand sculpting enhances the individual character of the rock and leaves the imprint of the stonecutter’s soul. I am passionate about my daily quest to leave a unique mark on this planet for the benefit of all, now and for generations to come

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