We were very excited when we received an inquiry from a client in St Helena, CA, known as “Napa Valley’s Main Street.” It has a rich history of California winemaking dating back to the 1800s, not to mention all the cute shops and farm-to-table restaurants.


Spending time in wine country together and making a labyrinth while being treated very well by our clients was a gift we will never forget. Our favorite part of making labyrinths is the people we meet along the way! 


What an incredible gift it was to build an Essence of Chartres labyrinth and to sculpt a relief carving of Christ Pantocrator for our client who is an art collector. 


The carving was inspired by a photo taken by Jeff Saward of Labyrinthos of a medieval wall fresco discovered in Alatri, Italy. 


A feature of the sculpture is the illusion of depth on a nearly flat surface, only 2 1/2 inches deep, quite the challenge when working in stone.


This piece also has the additional design element of the golden ratio or phi. The smaller stones on the right and left of the triptych are golden rectangles, as are the three panels combined.  A true work of Art!

STH5 Alatri.jpg