When we came home from one of our first labyrinth society gatherings in 2001, we were so motivated by one of the presenters that I thought it would be a good idea to go to the grade school that our daughters attended and see if they would like to have a labyrinth in the courtyard of the school.


First, we educated the staff and students about labyrinths. We discussed spirals in nature and the human body. They all painted images of nature on the bricks to use as the lines for the labyrinth


The base was then made by volunteer staff, students and parents. It was a lot of work because all material had to go through the building. The labyrinth/butterfly garden is in the school's inner courtyard.


Notice the planet earth in the center, hand-cut by Marty. They have a tool for learning about our planet and how to get along in our world. They walk the labyrinth for a "time in" instead of a "time out," an excellent tool for when students need time to think about their actions.


When the labyrinth was finished, Marty went up on the roof, and he asked the children who made this labyrinth; they all shouted We Did!!!  

The children's garden is now a flower garden used for education and contemplation. 

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